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DearID: Interview with Ant Pugh

In: Dear ID Show

Today, I’m talking with Ant Pugh, elearning business owner from across the pond. Ant shares the hows and whys of building a free email subscription learning course around creating great elearning for a business. Previous guest, Alyssa Gomez actually reached out to me, with rave reviews about Ant’s new free subscription learning course on getting the most out of elearning for a business. So I reached out to him and asked him to discuss how he’s building his successful elearning business and the hows and whys of building this free course.

As always, please reach out to Ant and show him some love for sharing his experience with us. He’s on Twitter here: You can find shownotes with more links to get to know Ant, Patti Bryant, and the ONLIP community on the show page: And be sure to check out his course: Unleash the Potential of Elearning in Your Business: