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ELH Challenge: My Favorite Freelancing Tip

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I am not a freelancer. But I’ve thought about it a lot; what it would mean and how it might fit into my life now. I’m really happy with my current position but I do often take work home so the whole thought of keeping time to recharge along with regular work and freelancing work is overwhelming. Besides which, though I don’t believe I’m a perfectionist, I do really appreciate the time and space to practice on all the aspects of design because I’m always looking to get better. So that’s why the first tip from CreativeBloq’s 20 Pro Tips for Web Design Freelancers really struck me:

Be amazing at something.

Though I may never be the best at anything, that never stops me from trying. I really like to be able to know, whenever I go into an interview situation, that I’m not just some mediocre instructional designer. I’m damn good and I’m working to get better. So for this week’s Elearning Heroes Challenge, I posterized this great tip using a free Photoshop poster mockup. ‘Cause, hey, I don’t do boring.

Favorite Free Lancing Tip