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I prioritize building my skills as a game developer by regularly building games with Phaser JS and Construct 3.

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Game Development, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping

Custom Game Development

I continue to regularly work on my game development skills by building and releasing small games using both the Phaser JS framework and Construct 3.

Construct 3 is a relatively low-cost tool for creating responsive, HTML5 2D games. The user interface boasts a relatively simple learning curve and amakes it easy for organizations to maintain the games afterward.

Phaser JS, on the other hand, is a 2D HTML5 framework for JavaScript developers but it has the advantage of being a free and open source framework. This means that it interactives I create in it are super sustainable as any other developer can pick up the code to maintain it or make changes in the future, no product required.

By focusing on regularly creating projects with these tools, I ensure that I can quickly and easily create game prototypes and polished games for clients outside. Game development tools are purpose built and perform better than elearning tools for creating effective game-like experiences.

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