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The Restaurant Reviews site is a progressive web application built in three parts for the Udacity Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree.

Development Summary

I acted as the web developer.

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Time in Development

About 4 months


Web Developer, UX Designer


Web Development, Web Design, UX Design, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping

Udacity Nanodegree

I was fortunate enough to be selected for a Grow with Google scholarship to complete the Udacity Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree. Besides learning more about building progressive web applications, tooling for web development, ES6, developing for accessibility, and more, the nanodegree was structured such that participants would apply their newfound knowledge to building a restaurant review application in three parts.

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App Design and Development

The nanodegree experience was very helpful. At each stage of the development, I was able to face a challenge of a desireable difficulty. On the whole, I was able to successfully develop the app by adding the following features:

  • Adding accessibility features
  • Implementing mobile-first design
  • Implementing a service worker with indexedDB to cache files, images, and data
  • Implement offline capability so that reviews and favorites could be submitted offline and synced later online
Read more about each stage app development in Github.
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