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A web-based pomodoro timer for all you productivity fans!

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About 2 weeks

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Web Developer, UX Designer


Web Development, Web Design, UI/UX Design, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping

Project Development

As a professional, I've found the pomodoro technique to be an absolute lifesaver, especially on those days where motivation to work is low. As a part of the Free Code Camp Front End certification, I built this web-based pomodoro timer with features to set your own session and break intervals; pause, resume, and stop the timer; and a really nifty tomato progress bar animation!

Read more about the app development.

More recently, I went back through the FCC curriculum and remade the Pomodoro timer from scratch using React JS. You can take a gander at the new version on Codepen.

Setting the timer session length
Running timer with a tomato progress bar