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UTakeIt is the fully responsive platform for the University of Texas STEM Center to market and sell face-to-face and online learning experiences and products.

Role Summary

I have been the front end developer and accessibility lead for this project since it's start.

Job Title

Front End Developer and UX Designer


LX Design, Front End Development, Web Design, UX Design, Documentation, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping, Accessibility

Front End Development

The University of Texas STEM Center sought to diversify their income streams early in 2017 by creating a series of professional development courses for educators. Along with this, they also wanted a purpose-built web application to help them market and sell these learning experiences. From the very beginning of the project, I have worked with the team as the front end developer and web designer.

As the project has matured, I have worked to institute best practices and consistent coding practices for the front end across team members and to document the front end.

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User Experience Design and Accessibility

As the application has continued to grow, I have served as a user advocate by always considering the point of view of the user and asking lots of questions.

I also brought considerable accessibility experience to the project, having been the accessibility team lead on the large open source project, Oppia. I began by performing a site-wide accessibility audit and identifying and documenting best practices to ensure the site was as accessible as possible.

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