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UXLX is a card-based, xAPI-enabled microlearning app to help LX Designers learn lessons from User Experience Design.

Development Summary

Made With

Ionic 3

Time in Development

About 2 months

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Front End Developer, SME, UX Designer


LX Design, Front End Development, Web Design, UX Design, Conceptualising Ideas and Prototyping, Microlearning

App Development

Built with the Ionic framework, UXLX is a progressive web application that is usable offline and downloadable on both the iOS and Android mobile app stores. It tracks user movement across various interactions by sending xAPI statements to a learning record store. From there, such data could be reviewed in context with data from other learning experiences to get a better view of what effective learners do.

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UX video card in a lesson
Lesson start card

User Experience Design and Content

Design-wise, I was inspired by card-based microlearning apps like Google’s Primer and Startup Patterns. I knew I wanted a user to be able to choose from a series of lessons and then swipe through cards to go through the lesson. A card might contain text, a video, or a question. I also wanted a person to be able to see their progress inside of a lesson, as well as from the home page, and be able to get back to where they were easily.

Card reflection question
UX video